Specialist in International Law Degree

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Through the Agreement between the Institute Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) (Advanced Institute of Law and Economics); and the Instituto de Estudios Júridicos Internacionales (IEJI) (Institute of International Legal Studies), attached to the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, the International Legal Specialist degree has been introduced for the 2017-2018 academic year, completely online.


This degree programme allows the student to master the concepts peculiar to International Law from a comparative perspective, thereby responding to the demands of the most prestigious law firms, increasingly versed in the different facets of International Law.

The programme runs for three months, which entails a more dynamic curriculum, including several facets, from the History of Law, to principles of Common Law, to knowledge of Institutions, Litigation, and aspects of Methodology, thereby furnishing the student with a very broad view of the various areas making up the Law. The courses constituting this University Specialist degree are designed for a practical education, in consonance with the current demands of the market.

At this time, when entering the job market poses a challenge, this University Specialist in International Law degree represents a valuable, high-quality complement closely related to the diverse fields that globalization has spawned in the different fields of legal practice.

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